Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 25 - On track!

My day begins with making coffee! I love coffee! Breakfast for the kids, if its a school day, lunches are made in the am., while kids munch on breakfast we talk about the plans for the day, reiterate what is good behavior, discuss the after school activities. We have something every day after school!

Anyway... coffee, lunches, conversations. Kids go to school on the bus, right outside our door! I feed the dogs, feed the chickens, feed the horses and water everyone. I give my mare shots, and check my horses feet. I sometimes clean stalls if they are inside that night (sometimes the horses stay outside the barn at night) I comeback up to the house eat something for breakfast. I do 30 minutes on the computer, some bookkeeping. I am a bookkeeper for my husband's company. Then at approximately 10:00 am., I am out the door to teach Pilates. I teach Pilates part time too! Then, I am done around 1:00 sometimes 2:00. I race home in time for kids to get home from school, after school snacks, homework and rest. Then, we are out the door at 5:00 and we do not get home until 8:00 pm. Crazy!! Even when I think about it, it is so busy and I technically do not have a full time job! That is pretty much every day, I sometimes have to work on husband's company books at night just before bed time and I also look at blogs, read my book, or sometimes watch TV.
Bed time: for kids 9:00. Usually unwind with husband between 9:00 and 10 ish. Bed!

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  1. Wow you are busy mamma!
    Sounds beautiful to me.....
    love and grace- L