Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 23-24 and...

I have so much to say today. I am looking outside my window and it's fall, it is gorgeous out. Trees with leaves all different colors; red, orange, yellow, some green. I love fall, I love riding my horses or walking the dogs and hearing the leaves crunch under foot. the blue sky, the crisp air...
My mare is pregnant, she is 5 months. I saw the baby kick today! I was so very happy for her. This is her first foal. She will be a great Mama.

I just keep thinking how I should have Jolene in the Ergo with me today, she would be saying words and pointing to things..."Look, Mam, Mama, the leaves, Mama, the dogs..." I can imagine her with brown curls and a sweet smile on her face.

I miss you little girl, today is hard without you.

Day 23- You tube video. the one where the baby is laughing and can't stop. my kids love that one too. I also love the of the twins in the crib together laughing at each other.

Day24- Where I live. I live in the country. Not too far from a bigger town, which is close to a smaller city. I love living on the land, and living out in the country. I also love where I live, out in the West of the US.


  1. Where you live sounds gorgeous. Fall, in all its glory, really makes you breathe deeply and feel grateful. Your description of your mare was so beautiful. I could picture her, and yes, Jolene should be with you. It is so unfair. xo

  2. It all sounds beautiful- life in its pure and simplest forms.