Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I miss you Jolene Marie Grace. I wish I was watching you grow today instead of decorating around your ashes on the fireplace mantle. I love you my baby. We all miss you.

I have thought about my last post, I have decided, I can shut people out who say insensitive things, because I lost my baby and comments and words hurt me. I am tired of being the perpetual people pleaser and I am ready to say that hurt and take some time for my grieving. Grief is a bitch, I wish she would go away for a few days, but not forever because I would miss the feeling of missing my baby. God, please let me be ok.

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  1. xo. I shut people out too, because I know I am not strong enough to hear hurtful things these days. Also, all of my filters are gone and I know I will say something I regret. Anyway, just wanting you to know that I am reading and here. Grief is a bitch. You nailed it. Sending much love. XO