Thursday, February 11, 2010

On dreams

Lately, I have been remembering dreams again. I remember them so vividly these days. They are all about parenting, mothering an infant. Most of the time, I am nursing and holding a wee babe. The babe is nestled in the crook of my arm, and we are staring at each other, the baby is nursing and laughing and smiling. The baby always has dark, curly, brown hair, and a gorgeous smile.

I wonder if this is Jolene coming to me?

Is this a different child who is waiting to be born from me?

I don't know which, all I know is a I have an overwhelming urge to parent and love and mother an infant. Maybe it's my hormones?

My postpartum hormones telling me you should have a baby right now, you should be nursing, so here you go, a child who is in your dreams... I don't know...?


  1. It's beautiful that you can dream of this baby. I have had only a couple of dreams of my little girl and both of them were nightmares. :(

    Maybe it is Jolene letting you know she's okay and maybe it's a sign letting you know that it's time to try again.

    This is a beautiful dream. Hold it close.

  2. I had a lovely dream, just after the twins were born. I was holding them in a field, we were sitting under an enormous tree and I was nursing them both. It was a ridiculous dream in many ways, they were both as they were in life and they could never have managed to nurse.
    And yet, it gave me so much comfort.
    I like to think that they came to me somehow, to reassure me. I like to think that this child in your dreams is your Jolene coming to you. x

  3. Thinking of you and your sweet Jolene over the coming weeks. xo